Everything I learnt from my Pregnancies


Or as they call it Morning Sickness and if you didn’t know it is not just in the morning, UGH. I had really bad nausea during my 1st and 2nd pregnancies which were both girls. I could barely hold down food during my first trimester with them. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve had… In my 2nd pregnancy with my daughter Wynter-Reign, I went vegan. I was already nauseous around meat and dairy wasn’t so great in my stomach either, also I watched “What The Health” and it made me want to try going vegan. So I did, this lasted me the last 3 months of my pregnancy. Spewing whilst pregnant was physically draining but bare in mind morning sickness can not harm you or your baby If you start vomiting blood or if you just cannot handle your nausea or keep spewing excessively, call your doctor/midwife.

What helped me?

Going plant-based did help me as I was nauseous around meat and dairy. butt it was a little bit hard. I had to plan my meals and do a lot of research into what was inside of the food I was buying. Not eating any spices helped me.

Also being cautious about lying down after meals, waiting for at least a good 40 minutes before lying down, otherwise for me, it would come back up. When I skipped meals, it made things worse. So it helped to eat small but frequently and always staying hydrated. I also ate whatever I felt like eating as I couldn’t stand eating certain food I usually love eating, I ate whatever my stomach felt like eating. Even if that was a lemon, lol. It’s important to listen to your body during pregnancy.

List of food I ate:

  • Watermelon
  • Lemon or anything with lemon
  • Anything that had ginger (Gingernut bikkies)
  • Crackers
  • Complan (Meal replacement drink)


I am going to explain my experiences here, with no names or anything. I truly respect midwives as they do such an amazing job but sometimes it is not always easy to find a good one and not many people talk about it.

The All-round Midwife

Having a midwife is essential, but having one that you are comfortable with is even better. I put this in because I have had my fair share of midwives. In my first pregnancy, I got the best midwife I could ever ask of. I was 16 turning 17 and clueless about what to do in my pregnancy. I knew that there was a school that catered to Teen mums, but I was too scared to go in by myself and my midwife asked me if I knew about it and I told her I did but haven’t been in yet. This woman drove me there straight after our appointment. She did everything she could to help me and I am so thankful for her. During my 1st pregnancy, I was clueless and always asked so many questions, texted asking questions she always replied or explained to me in our appointments – most of the time I’d write the questions in my notes on my phone and ask her at our appointments. This midwife was so calm and always made me feel so comfortable. I always recommend her to my West Auckland mamas cos she’s so good!

The Opinionated Midwife 

Unfortunately, not all midwives are the same, in my 2nd pregnancy I was living in South Auckland so I couldn’t have the same midwife. So I went to find myself one. 

Now, this midwife was completely different, she had her heart in the right place but said things the wrong way. She had told me I was overweight and needed to stop eating “Taro and corned beef” which I hadn’t even eaten in that pregnancy because I was nauseous during my pregnancy. So after that appointment, I felt so offended and told her I was getting another midwife. I moved back out west (coincidentally) and when I did I rang my old midwife and asked her if she could fit me in to be my midwife again. 

The Community Midwife: 

In my 3rd pregnancy, I was living in South Auckland so I had to look for another midwife. The community doctor appointed one for me, what I didn’t understand at the time was that she was a community midwife and they are different compared to Lead Maternity Carers. They work on-call. So getting a hold of her was a nightmare. I was bleeding and having cramps and couldn’t get a hold of her or the person that was her backup. I admitted myself into the hospital, when I got there they asked where was my midwife and kept calling her and nothing! It was shocking after that I didn’t hear from her in 3 weeks, no follow up or check-up to see how I was. So I didn’t feel the need to tell her I was finding another midwife. I just found another one and asked her to let the other midwife know that I decided to change. 

The Youngest Midwife: 

Now, this was the midwife I had for my 3rd pregnancy after the community midwife, she had just finished studying. She was a younger version of my all-round midwife. She was easy to connect with and always kept in contact with me. Pretty simple really, she was great! I can have long conversations with her about life and she also handled my Postpartum Hemorrhage really well. She was so calm and she made sure I was okay and I’m glad I had her as my midwife.


Now this one is a killer if you’re like me and have babies that sit in your back. Your back is going to need some TLC during and after your pregnancy. It was so uncomfortable beig pregnant with all 3 kids that put themselves in my back, ugh… But let’s get into it.

Things that helped me

  • Osteopath – they were great, nice massages and helping relieve my pressure points and clicking parts of my body that needed a good crack. Osteopaths I prefer rather than chiropractors as they’re more gentle with the body and helped me a lot with my pressure points.
  • Pools – I wish I wasn’t working as much to go to the pools more often because I was 90 kgs heavy in a 56 cm body and when I’d walk into the water at the pools. Oh My Goodness! It is so relieving. You feel like you’re not pregnant at all. My body thanked me for this.
  • Heat Packs – I’d use this to fall asleep, sometimes it was hard for me to get to sleep cos lying down and feeling comfortable was non-existent. So I would heat one of these bad boys up before I would go to bed and prop myself up with the land of pillows and pop it on my back and fall asleep.
  • Massages – If you have a support person, family member or even kids. Try and get one. Unfortunately, my partner couldn’t massage if his life depended on it. So my 5-year-old daughter would massage my back in exchange for ice-cream or some change.


Most women have this problem, especially during pregnancy. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition where your body lacks sufficient amounts of red blood cells, which are needed to carry oxygen through the body. There are many symptoms but for me this made me feel extra tired most mornings I had to get up and get my kids ready and it left me no time for myself because I would literally sleep in getting extra z’s. I always felt tired, my skin was pale and I would get the worst headaches during my pregnancy.

You will know if you’re low in iron when you get your blood test done during your pregnancy. For me, my body did not take well to the iron tablets so I got an iron infusion or as they call it ferinject. It is so important to keep an eye on your iron levels as this may affect your birth. So if you’re reading this and you are pregnant please take care of your body and make sure you keep an eye on your iron levels.


Moodswings, Breakouts & Anxiety:

Not a great experience I had during my pregnancies, I couldn’t stop my feelings and thoughts. So if you’re feeling how I felt during pregnancy getting angry at things and then later asking yourself “why you pop off like that for?” I experienced a lot of CRAZY pregnant baby mama pop offs and by this I mean, I had no patience. I was easily frustrated, this was with my partner and my workmates. I work with males so you can imagine how many things got me annoyed. My anxiety was so bad that I’d stay at work late just to get things done because I had mad anxiety about it not being done and would not stop thinking about it if I went home without finishing something off.

Being stressed (well stressing myself out) also had my skin breaking out. I had more breakouts with my 3rd child. I do not know if it was because by then I had 5 kids and a stressful life & household or if it was because I was carrying a boy? I tried my normal skincare routine and it did not work for me at all. So I went to buy a package deal from Oxygen Skincare and noticed a result in a week it was definitely a worth-it buy!


Now, wait a minute, yes! I’m talking about s-e-x. As you get pregnant sometimes your hormones can take you into another direction, making your sex drive insane. Trust me, I’ve heard the “I’m scared I will hit baby’s head” laugh it off and explain to your man if he says this that, it is highly unlikely that, that would ever happen. Then there’s the awkward stage where you have a watermelon stomach and you and your partner are trying but you just can’t turn up the heat. Or you’re trying to bring on labor. Lube will be your best friend for this! And much more enjoyable instead of an awkward encounter. I have had my fair share of laughs because I honestly just felt too damn huge and a stomach in the way of you trying to feel any type of sexy lmao.


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