In the making of The Blended Madre

The Blended Madre…


You may not be that amazing person who has her shit together, and that’s okay baby girl keep trying and keep pushing for what you want and what makes you happy.  Not everything you think you see on social media will be true. Don’t dwell on the thought of who you should be and what your home should look like. You have your own individual life. It’s not supposed to look like anyone else’s life but your own. Grow your way, don’t let society kill your individuality.

Do not, and I mean DO NOT! Let the reality of social media get the best of you, wanting more materialistic things. The smiles on your kids mean more than going broke trying to dress them kids in Designer brands. Whether you get them that jacket from warehouse for $25 or the jacket from Cotton on for $69. They are still going to be happy with it as long as they see that it is new. When you have the money to splurge then splurge! For now, you don’t have anything to prove to anyone but yourself!

DO Treat yourself now and then, little things… Remember you said last week and the week before you were going to do your brows? Do it. It’ll make you happy and feel confident. Whatever you want you are in control! I know you get that guilt that you could be spending money on your kids, but always take care of yourself first. Because you are the soul of the house. Do those little things that make you happy, I know you like to read ‘food for thought books’ put the kids down maybe 30 mins earlier so you can do that! Or buy that chocolate for yourself (it’s not selfish)

You want success, I know you do! So keep making videos for YouTube and writing blogs! Do NOT worry about everyone else talking about what they think you’re “trying” to do. When that is actually something you’ve loved doing since you’ve had Melody-Rose! So many newspapers and companies that wanted interviews and wanted to know about you that it inspired you to speak which is why you started your blog! To let others know that if you can do it. They can too!

Look at you! You are doing okay! Don’t think because you don’t have the money or that car or not famous meaning you are not succeeding in life. Every time the kids laugh and smile that is a part of your success as a parent or every time they ask you questions and communicate it is a part of the success of them knowing that they can speak to you or even want to speak to you. THEY ARE INTERESTED to know what are your thoughts. Or even the success of you finishing your washing that little feeling of success! YES GF you have success every day. Congratulations on your achievement, be proud of yourself.

Appreciation and affirmations you write in your diary next to your lot of things-to-do in your diary will go a long way, you are reminding yourself of the many blessings you do have. I know its easy to quickly think about what you want and turning that thought process into a negative thought of what you don’t have or what you should have. Reminders are amazing especially when you remind yourself of what you appreciate in your life. Keep doing this because it is helping you realize the gift of life and all your blessings.

You got this!


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