My story: Teen years

Welcome back!

So I’ll start off with with a video that literally explains my upbringing..

This video was made at the start of 2016. So a lot has changed. But I’m here to talk about my pregnancy and the events of being a “Teen” cos my last 2 years of being a Teenager, I was a Teen Mum trying to finish school. So let’s start where I left off…

My Pregnancy:

When you fall pregnant. Especially if you’re an outgoing teen, your life changes as soon as pregnancy starts, no joke. Most of my friends were party animals, so I started hearing from most of them less and it happens whether you like it or not. You will notice that your actual friends that care about you will make time to see you when you’re pregnant this excludes my friends that were busy. But at such a young age I had friends that would hit me up every week, as soon as they knew I was pregnant, I heard from them once or twice during my pregnancy. So I learnt a lot about who was really down for me.


So during my pregnancy, I went back to school. They had an amazing place for Teen Mums to finish school. My midwife took me in to have a look at the school and little did I know that this place would change my life FOREVER. I walked into the place as a lost young teen who wanted to change her life but needed guidance..

After Birth:

I had Melody-Rose and went straight back to school so I could get my levels. I didn’t finish school until I was 19. Going back to school was the biggest blessing! I became so involved in mainstream classes that I even got comfortable with doing extracurricular activities (Polyfest, Stage Challenge)

At first I felt so shy and held back from the idea because I knew I was different from the school kids, but I was wrong. Every teacher and student treated me with respect and welcomed me and my main reason for being at school was all for my daughter.

I wanted to get my levels so that I can give us a better future and I worked my ass off in school in the year I turned 18, while my old mates were partying between 18 and 19. I was a young mum still in school trying to organise everything I had going on in my life. During my last years as a teen I had met a lot of amazing people and experienced so many amazing things. In the end I finished high school with my levels and with my little girl by my side to hold my trophy, it was all for you Melody-Rose.

My biggest achievement in my teen years personally was being able to have a baby and still finish school and do even more than only just getting my levels. Participating in extracurricular activities in school, becoming head girl and giving myself challenges every term. As well as having my own place to maintain, I could relate to my peers in school when they needed advice on situations with school.

I proved everyone who doubted me and teen mums wrong. I’m not encouraging to become a teen mum either, because believe me when I say “it’s hard work”. This blog goes out to all my teen mummies that had the struggle of only being seen as the teen mum. We are much more than “just a teen mum” and automatically being accused of a mum who will stay on the benefit forever and a mum with no future ect. With the right mentality anyone can use negativity to motivate themselves to become better. That was my motivation my kid and the haters.

These were my teen years.. It was a crazy ride but all worth it in the end and I wouldn’t regret anything that has happened to me, in the end it’s what’s made me, me! Hope you enjoyed my story stay tuned for the next blog…

Love and light to you all xx

The Average Blended Madre ♥️


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  1. I love your story’s babe they are so raw, real and inspiring. I always look forward to your next blog post. Keep going babe !!! Your doing an amaaazing job. Kia kaha


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